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Selected Article

Cardiological Manifestations
"Dr. Struk Reports on PXE-Related Cardiovascular Manifestations" 11:3&4 (Dec 2005)
"Intermittent Claudication" 2:4 (July 1994)
"Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum Inheritance, Difficult Choices and Cardiovascular Manifestations" 14:2 (July 2008)
"PXE and Intermittant Claudication" 11:1 (Jan 2005)

Chelation Therapy
"Followup on Chelation Therapy" 9:1 (Spring 2001)

Coping With PXE
"Accepting Yourself As A Person with PXE" 3:4 (Fall 1995)
"Coping With PXE" 3:4 (Fall 1995)
"Vision Rehabilitation: Living Fully With Vision Loss" 12:3 (Oct 2006)

"Explanation of Eyes and PXE" 2:2 (Oct 1993)
"Genentech: Avastin or Lucentis?" 13:3&4 (Dec 2007)
"The Promise of Avastin" 12:1 (May 2006)

Gastrointestinal Manifestations
"Gastrointestinal Complications of PXE" 3:3 (Summer 1995)
"Gastrointestinal Manifestations of PXE" 6:3 (1998)

Leg Pain (See Cardiological Manifestations)

Low Vision
"Ellen Morrow: Counselor, Vision Loss Resources" 10:1 (Jan 2003)
"Golf Programs for the Visually Impaired" 10:1 (Jan 2003)
"Letter From Bill Guspie" 12:4 (Nov 2006)
"A Need for a Continuum of Care for People With Low Vision and Blindness" 10:3-4 (Aug 2004)

"Nanomedicine Approaches for the Design and Development of Therapeutic Agents in the Treatment of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum and Age Related Macular Degeneration" 14:4 (Dec 2008)
"Nanomedicine: Should NAPE Be Interested?" 12:4 (Nov 2006)

"American Vitamin K2 Food Sources" 14:3 (Oct 2008)
"Calcium in PXE Diets" 13:3&4 (Dec 2007)
"My Pyramid:  Not Just a New Look at an Old Concept" 11:3&4 (Dec 2005)

"PXE and Pain" 8:4 (Winter 2000)
"PXE and Swallowing Difficulties" 11:1 (Jan 2005)

Personal Care
"Body Mass Index" 12:1 (May 2006)
"Look and Feel Younger" 10:2 (May 2003)
"PXE Care: How to Find a Doctor" 11:2 (April 2005)

PXE Fundamentals
"Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum: PXE Update" 15:2 (Aug 2009)

PXE Gene Mutation
"Hooray! Hooray! The PXE Gene is Found" Special Issue (June 2000)
"Molecular Genetics of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum: Type and Frequency of Mutations in ABCC6" 11:3&4 (Dec 2005)
"Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum: Are Vitamin K, Its Precursors and Metabolites the New Kids on the Block" 14:3 (Oct 2008)

PXE History
"The Official Beginnings of PXE: A Centennial Observation" 4:3 (1996)

PXE Inheritance
"Basic Genetics and PXE" 13:1 (April 2007)

Research Support
"Gene Patents Ruled Illegal" 16:2 (July 2010)
"NDRI - Celebrating 30 Years 1980-2010 Making Research Happen" 16:1 (April 2010)

"Characteristic Skin Lesions of PXE," 3:2 (Spring 1995)
"Plastic Surgery: PXE Skin Applications" 6:4 (1998)

Stem Cell Therapy
"PXE and the 2007 Nobel Prize for Medicine" 13:3&4 (Dec 2007)
"Stem Cell Therapy" 11:1 (Jan 2005)

The Three Amigos
"NAPE and the Three Amigos" 9:3 (May 2002)
"The Three Amigos" 10:3-4 (August 2004)

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