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By:  K.H. Neldner, M.D.

In May 2001, The Three Amigos hosted another highly successful charity golf classic in Houston, Texas. We are most grateful to our amigos – CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz and professional golfer Fred Couples and Blaine McCallister. Our long-time NAPE member and dear friend Claudia McCallister  and her husband Blaine deserve the everlasting gratitude of NAPE and all its members, as the McCallisters name PXE and NAPE the charity they wish to support.

With their annual assistance, NAPE is developing an endowed McCallister Fund that will keep our organization “up and running” long into the future. As soon as this fund reaches the $250,000 to $300,000 level, NAPE can expect to fund its basic operations from the interest generated by the fund, without touching the body of the fund. We are almost half way there!

The ongoing expenses of NAPE include an office and its maintenance, part-time office staff, a low-vision assistance program, and publication of the newsletter. Except for the office staff, all human services of NAPE are provided on a gratis basis by many volunteers assisting in the day-to-day operations of the organization. Volunteer help from our members is always appreciated.     

Once we have reached our projected goal for the McCallister Fund, we will have funds to support additional PXE research efforts and new services to our members as specific needs arise. Continued financial support from our members, family members, family wills, etc. will be important as NAPE continues to “spread its wings” and soar to new heights.

By:  K.H. Neldner, M.D. 9:3 (May 2002)