By:  K.H. Neldner, M.D.

NAPE’s dear friends and major benefactors, The Three Amigos, successfully completed another golf benefit in Houston on May 6-7, 2003. It is one of golf’s greatest philanthropic fund-raising events, which benefits research in Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and PXE.

President George Herbert Walker Bush was the honorary chairman. He and his wife Barbara contributed some great anecdotes and some interesting thoughts as well as congratulations and encouragement to all of the amigos in the room.

Each  year a new (old) golf pro is especially recognized. This year it was Jack Nicklaus, who was also awarded the George Bush Inspirational  Award. Jack gave an excellent inspirational talk on what it takes to be a pro – at anything. His answer could be summed up in two words: HARD WORK.

I’m always pleasantly amazed  that they can recruit so many golfers to pay rather large sums to play a round of golf with Blaine, Fred or Jack and get a few tips on how to cure that horrible hook and slice. But thankfully, there always seems to be a lot of golfers of this caliber. Jim Nantz knows untold numbers of famous sports figures and plays a major role in “keeping the ball rolling.”

Our hats are off to “The Three Amigos” – the best amigos NAPE has ever had.

By:  K.H. Neldner, M.D. 10:3-4 (August 2004)